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Learning about, creating, and sharing stories is what I do, and great stories inspire great possibilities. As an award-winning director and writer, I strive to create works that marry these great stories with brave and supportive visuals to leave an audience with a feeling. I'm passionate about making historical, dramedy, and adventure thriller films that show intelligence and realism, while sprinkling in the fantastical we all have inside us.

Take a look at my work and don't hesitate to connect and inquire for hire.  

A few of my favorite films & TV: Jurassic Park, GLOW, Sherlock,
Apollo 13, Back to the Future, Braveheart, LOST
MY Work

"Your job is to get your audience to care about your obsessions." ~Martin Scorcese




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Of Mine

My latest short, "Of Mine" screened at Disney Animation Studios as part of the Alliance of Women Directors short film grantee program, where I was selected as one of six out of a highly competitive pool of directors. In partnership with "Shootemup", from the LA producers of the NPR program, "The Moth", true stories were told and turned into films within a month. Check it out on Film Freeway.

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the series

We recently completed production on the proof of concept I wrote/directed for "PURE" The Series. It was one of the most successfully crowdfunded projects on Seed&Spark, chosen as a best crowdfunding pick by Women and Hollywood, and already has a growing fan base. 


PURE is based in the distant future where genetic modification, freedom, and ethics intersect. 


Find out more at 

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The Absolute 
TV Series

My scripts for "The Absolute" and "Charlotte Sometimes" recently made the semi-finals for the 2019 HCF screenplay competition. Charlotte Sometimes previously won the Festival for Family Screenplay Competition, was a TOP 10 Finalist in the Final Draft Big Break contest, and a Gold Winner in the Hollywood Screenplay contest, among others. 


What I'm All             about

I am only who I am because of the challenges I have faced and overcome, and it has made me richer for it. And while it's true that I am a storyteller, a wife, a veteran, a former detective and intelligence specialist, a daughter, a sister, and adventurer, I am above all a person - a person who has never been afraid of being ambitious or vulnerable. Directing isn't just about "directing"; it's about the experiences you bring to the room. It's knowing how a character should/could react, the most effective way to move and frame the camera to help the audience understand something, and that a familiar world can become fresh again by looking at it from a different person's perspective. 

I feel I have a keen sense for visual style and an ability to draw strong performances from actors - and it is my way of looking at the world and the people in it that gives me an extra flavor. I love details when it suits the story, and I approach each project with purpose and a love of color and composition, accompanied by my vivid imagination. I like to show intelligence and realism while highlighting those little things that make us all unique, a sprinkling of the fantastical we have inside of us. I draw not just from my personal experiences, but the many situations and people I dealt with during my law enforcement/military career - from the villain, to the victim, to the hero.


A few of my favorite directors: Steven Spielberg, Clint Eastwood, Ron Howard, Robert Zemeckis

A little about my production company:

Sensorium Pictures is an award-winning production company that has previously worked with companies like Lionsgate and HBO, and has premiered films at festivals and Disney Animation Studios. Sensorium Pictures was founded in 2013 to deliver powerful and imaginative storylines featuring engaging, diverse characters within narrative film and television. We constantly strive to be aesthetically innovative, while remaining true to the story.

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