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Cate has been selected as a "Future Directors of Studio Features" Blackmagic Collective Initiative Fellow for 2021. Read about it here in VARIETY.


 I strive to create works that marry strong stories with brave and supportive visuals to leave an audience with a feeling. I'm passionate about adventure & suspense films with heart and I have a fascination with unsung historical heroes. 

The Plumber

My latest film, "The Plumber", started a 2021 festival run with a grand jury win at the Blackmagic Collective Film Festival.

An adventure suspense short, inspired by true events surrounding Irena Sendler and her network: "As curfew approaches, an everyday heroine risks it all in a smuggling operation from Nazi-occupied Poland."


More updates to follow and on socials with #ThePlumber

Other Works
A few of my favorite films: Jurassic Park, Apollo 13, Back to the Future, Braveheart, Home Alone, Argo, Ghostbusters, Lethal Weapon, Toy Story
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The plumber

My latest short, #ThePlumber, started a festival run in late 2020 with our first fest and grand jury win at the BlackMagic Collective Film Festival. More news to follow in 2021!

The Plumber is an adventure suspense short inspired by a true story. "As curfew approaches, an everyday heroine risks it all in a smuggling operation from Nazi-occupied Poland."

the series

We recently completed production on the proof of concept I wrote/directed for "PURE" The Series. It was one of the most successfully crowdfunded projects on Seed&Spark, chosen as a best crowdfunding pick by Women and Hollywood, and already has a growing fan base. 


PURE is based in the distant future where genetic modification, freedom, and ethics intersect. 


Find out more at 


My script for "Charlotte Sometimes", a holiday adventure dramedy, made the semi-finals for the 2019 HCF screenplay competition.


Charlotte Sometimes previously won the Festival for Family Screenplay Competition, was a TOP 10 Finalist in the Final Draft Big Break contest, and a Gold Winner in the Hollywood Screenplay contest, among others. 

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Semi-Finalist - HCF Screenplay Competiti
Semi-Finalist - HCF Screenplay Competiti


What I'm all

I am only who I am because of the challenges I have faced and overcome, and it has made me richer for it. And while it's true that I am a storyteller, a wife, a veteran, a daughter, a sister, and adventurer, I am above all a person - a person who has never been afraid of being ambitious or vulnerable. Directing isn't just about "directing"; it's about the experiences you bring to the room. ​I know the value of things that can make or break a film - the value of finding the right people to make the project shine, the value in preparation, the value of utilizing my acting past to communicate with actors, and the value in aiming high enough to be bold and innovative with my vision without overextending.

I feel I have a keen sense for visual style and an ability to draw strong performances from actors - and as a detective and military intelligence globetrotter turned writer/director, it is my way of looking at the world and the people in it that gives me an extra flavor. I approach each project with a love of movement, color, and composition, accompanied by my vivid imagination and I like to highlight the fantastical we have inside of us. Over the past few years, I've been fortunate enough to work with more experienced collaborators, and direct sizable sets with increasingly complicated action and set pieces in the short form, and am eager to move into the feature realm. 

I hope to be able to give back to others emerging after me, am a fierce advocate of inclusivity, and actively volunteer with the organizations I am involved with. Above all, people matter most, and we could all use a little more love in the world. 


A few of my favorite directors: Steven Spielberg, Ron Howard, Jon Favreau, Chris Columbus, Taika Waititi

Cate is an LA-based writer/director with award-winning feature screenplays and short films, including the national wildcard-winning Lionsgate short "Masque,” which also earned her a directing award at the Crystal & Lucy’s. As a director selectee for the Alliance of Women Directors Short Film Program grant, “Of Mine” premiered at Disney Studios. Her latest adventure suspense short, "The Plumber”, won the grand jury award at the BlackMagic Collective Film Festival in Nov to kick off a 2021 festival run .

Prior to a return to film in 2012, she served ten years as a decorated military police officer and instructor, and transitioned to Intelligence during Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom while adventuring through Europe. Later, as a victims advocate and civilian detective, this "spectrum of humanity” experience lent to a unique perspective on human connection. It also shaped her focus in narrative adventure and suspense stories about unconventional characters in extraordinary circumstances, with bold accompanying visuals. She is in development of her debut feature.


A little about my production company:

Sensorium Pictures is an award-winning production company that has previously worked with companies like Lionsgate and HBO, and has premiered films at festivals and Disney Animation Studios. Sensorium Pictures was founded in 2013 to deliver powerful, emotionally compelling and visually bold adventure, suspense, and sci-fi films and television series. Typically our stories involve unconventional, diverse characters in remarkable circumstances.

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